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About gaza Humanitarian organizations are actively delivering vital aid, including food, medical supplies, and shelter, to address immediate needs. Medical teams and facilities are working tirelessly to care for the injured and provide essential healthcare services.

Supporting Gaza

Supporting Gaza is a crucial humanitarian endeavor that demands our collective attention and assistance. The people of Gaza have endured a prolonged and complex humanitarian crisis, marked by ongoing conflicts and severe economic challenges. To provide meaningful help to Gaza, we must prioritize initiatives that deliver essential aid, medical assistance, food, clean water, and shelter to the vulnerable population in the region. Furthermore, advocating for peace, promoting dialogue, and fostering international cooperation are also vital components of our support. It is our moral duty to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and work towards a more peaceful and sustainable future for the region.


Remembering and praying for our Palestinian brothers and sisters is a solemn and heartfelt duty for many people around the world. The struggles and challenges faced by the people of Palestine have been ongoing for decades, and it is a reminder of the importance of peace, justice, and compassion.
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Crisis in Gaza

As Israel’s ground invasion against Hamas advances, Israeli forces have encircled Gaza City, cutting off the densely populated area from southern Gaza. Though hundreds of thousands of Palestinians evacuated northern Gaza ahead of the invasion, nearly 400,000 people remain trapped there. Hamas has reportedly positioned itself within and below civilian infrastructure, and Israeli strikes on civilian locations like the Jabalia refugee camp have caused massive collateral damage. Israel has so far rejected calls for periodic humanitarian pauses but agreed to allow one hundred aid trucks to enter the territory daily. Meanwhile, the United States is conducting shuttle diplomacy amid simmering regional tensions. Israel continues to exchange rocket fire with Hezbollah in Lebanon and strike alleged Iran-linked targets in Syria.

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