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14 overnight raids in the occupied West Bank

  • There were around 14 raids overnight in the occupied West Bank, a little bit down on the average of about 40 a night since October 7, but still attacks of serious consequence.
  • Most notably, this time, because of the death of  Issa Ali Abdel Moneim al-Qadi al-Tamimi, who was driving past a building that was being raided by the Israeli military.
  • There were also 50 arrests overnight, which means more than 2,500 Palestinians have been arrested since October 7, and they’re in administrative detention, which means they can be held without trial or charge indefinitely.
  • We’re also hearing a Palestinian prisoner has died in an Israeli prison. Israel’s prison service says this 33-year-old from Nabulus was complaining of feeling ill, he was taken for examination and then announced dead by a doctor.
  • He is the third Palestinian prisoner to die in Israeli custody since October 7.

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