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Israeli forces shoot Palestinian man near Jenin

  • Israeli forces say a female soldier was injured near the town of Barta’a, southwest of Jenin in the occupied West Bank. Witnesses say the man was only trying to drive away when he was shot.
  • The Israeli army moved into Barta’a early on Friday morning. Apparently, the intention was to remove vehicles which they say were not legally registered. That led to some disquiet among people living there – they argued that the cars were valid.
  • There was an incident where one man got into a car and started to move it. An Israeli female soldier claimed that she had been hit by the car, claimed it was an attempt at ramming her and opened fire.
  • There’s a video of this. In fact, there are several angles of this, not all the angles, but all the people on the ground and certainly the video that we have seen don’t seem to suggest that this was an attempt at any sort of ramming.
  • The people on the ground in Barta’a are suggesting that this was an overreaction by the Israeli forces that left two people injured.

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